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Dear Nativity Scene enthusiasts, we are delighted to have you here. Our website is a comprehensive platform dedicated to sharing the beauty and significance of nativity scenes. We provide a wealth of information, resources, and inspiration, making this tradition accessible to everyone, from curious beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.

Gwenith Sayer


Gwenith Sayer, the dedicated owner and writer of Shepherd of Souls, is an expert on Nativity Scenes. Her comprehensive guide reflects her deep passion for the nativity story and its rich history. Gwenith’s extensive knowledge of the significance and evolution of nativity scenes is remarkable. She takes readers on a journey through the ages, exploring their origins and transitions over centuries. Her commitment to preserving this cherished Christmas tradition is evident in her detailed guides on maintaining and crafting personal nativity scenes.


Our Story

Our journey began with a simple fascination for the timeless tale of the Nativity. As we delved deeper into this narrative, we realized that nativity scenes were more than just depictions of a revered event; they were a powerful medium of storytelling, capable of transcending language and cultural barriers.

The idea for this website was born out of a desire to share this profound appreciation with others. We wanted to create a space where the tradition of nativity scenes could be explored and celebrated in all its diversity and depth. A space that welcomed everyone, from those who’ve grown up with this tradition, to those discovering it for the first time.

The Early Days

In the early days, it was a steep learning curve. We had to navigate the complexities of building a website while simultaneously gathering and verifying historical information about nativity scenes. There were challenges, but each one only made our resolve stronger. We were fueled by the belief that the story of the Nativity, told through these intricate scenes, held a unique charm that needed to be shared with the world.

Growing Our Team

As our website grew, so did our team. We brought on board historians, artists, and fellow nativity scene enthusiasts. Each new member brought their unique perspective and expertise, adding depth to our content. Our team is united by a shared passion for nativity scenes and a commitment to delivering accurate, engaging, and inspiring content to our community.

Building a Community

Over the years, we have evolved into a vibrant community of nativity scene enthusiasts. Our members range from professional collectors to hobbyists, from history buffs to art lovers. We are continually inspired by their passion, their stories, and their willingness to share their knowledge and experiences. This sense of community has been our greatest reward and motivates us to continue growing and improving.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, we are excited about the possibilities. We plan to expand our content, host more events, and engage more with our community. We are committed to keeping the tradition of nativity scenes alive and relevant in the modern world, and we invite you to join us on this journey. Together, let’s celebrate the spirit of the Nativity, one scene at a time.

Guide to Nativity Scenes Discover the Rich History, Symbolism, and Variety of Nativity Scenes

Tracing the Origins of Nativity Scenes

Journey back in time with our comprehensive guide that delves into the rich history and profound symbolism of nativity scenes. Understand how these cherished Christmas decorations have evolved over centuries and explore their deeper significance. Learn about St. Francis of Assisi’s creation of the first life-size Nativity scene in the 13th century and how it has become an integral part of our holiday traditions. Our guide provides all the insights you need to fully appreciate the beauty and historical value of these captivating scenes.

Unraveling the True Essence of Christmas

Nativity scenes are more than just a collection of figures; they symbolize a timeless tale of faith, hope, and love. Our guide aids you in exploring the profound meaning encapsulated in the Nativity scene, allowing you to grasp its significance and its cherished status. Whether they’re made from classic wood or handcrafted porcelain, these scenes capture the enchantment of the holiday season, reminding us of the birth of Jesus and the true spirit of Christmas.

Exploring Types of Nativity Scenes

Nativity scenes manifest in an array of styles, sizes, and materials. From grand, life-size sets crafted from wood to miniature sets molded from clay or porcelain, there’s something to match everyone’s taste. Explore the diversity of Nativity scenes, including those made from paper, fabric, or even glass! With our guide, find the perfect Nativity scene that appeals to your aesthetic taste.

Preserving Your Nativity Scene

Proper care for your Nativity scene ensures its longevity and preserves this cherished tradition. Whether you own a wooden set that needs dusting and polishing annually or a ceramic set that requires protection from moisture and direct sunlight, our guide provides essential tips for maintaining your Nativity scene. With due diligence, your Nativity scene can be a cherished heirloom passed down through generations.

Expert Guidance on Crafting Your Own Nativity Scene

Immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit by creating your own Nativity scene. Our guide offers expert advice on crafting your unique Nativity scene, from selecting the right pieces to showcasing your creation at home. With simple steps, you can create a beautiful embodiment of the true meaning of Christmas that your family will treasure for years. Learn how to create a tailor-made Nativity scene that celebrates your faith and honors this revered holiday tradition.

Exploring the History

The history of nativity scenes is as rich and varied as the cultures they originate from. Our exploration into this fascinating subject takes us back to the 13th century when St. Francis of Assisi is said to have created the first live nativity scene. This tradition quickly spread throughout Europe and eventually the world, with each culture adding its unique touch.

We delve deep into the archives to unearth lesser-known facts and interesting anecdotes about nativity scenes. For instance, did you know that in some parts of Italy, the nativity scene, or ‘presepe’, includes not just the holy family, but an entire miniature representation of the local community? Or that in Mexico, ‘Las Posadas’ processions reenact Mary and Joseph’s search for lodging, culminating in a nativity scene?

Our historians also explore the evolution of nativity scenes over the centuries. From the simple, rustic scenes of the Middle Ages to the intricate, baroque designs of the Renaissance, and finally, to the diverse range of styles seen today—each era has left its mark on this tradition. We examine how factors like societal changes, artistic trends, and technological advancements have influenced these designs.

But our exploration isn’t just about the past. We also look at contemporary interpretations of nativity scenes, highlighting innovative designs that push the boundaries of this tradition while respecting its roots. Whether it’s a minimalist, modern design or a socially-conscious representation, we celebrate the creativity and diversity of modern nativity scenes.

Through our historical articles, we aim to deepen your appreciation for nativity scenes by providing a richer context for this tradition. We believe that understanding the journey of nativity scenes—where they come from, how they’ve evolved, and where they’re headed—can enhance your experience of creating or collecting them.

Our Dedicated Team

At the heart of our website is a team of passionate individuals who share a common love for nativity scenes. Each member brings their unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to our collective work—creating a rich tapestry of insights that we share with our community.


Our historians are the backbone of our content. They delve into archives, sift through ancient texts, and connect with museums around the world to bring you accurate, compelling stories about the history of nativity scenes. Their meticulous research forms the foundation of our historical articles, lending credibility and depth to our content.


Our artists breathe life into our DIY guides and buying recommendations. With their keen eye for design and craftsmanship, they curate a diverse range of nativity scenes for our buying guides, ensuring there’s something for everyone. They also craft our DIY guides, breaking down complex designs into simple, manageable steps, making it possible for even beginners to create their own nativity scenes.

Nativity Scene Enthusiasts

Our enthusiasts are the pulse of our community. They engage with our audience, respond to queries, and constantly have their fingers on the pulse of what’s new and trending in the world of nativity scenes. Their passion for this tradition is infectious, helping to keep our community vibrant and engaged.

Content Creators

Our content creators weave together the research from our historians, the recommendations from our artists, and the insights from our enthusiasts into engaging easy-to-read content. They ensure that every piece of information on our website is presented in a way that’s both informative and enjoyable to read.

Together, our team works tirelessly to provide the most comprehensive, accurate, and inspiring content about nativity scenes. We’re proud of the community we’ve built and are committed to continuing to serve our audience with dedication and enthusiasm.

DIY Nativity Scenes

Creating your own nativity scene can be a rewarding experience, allowing you to engage with this tradition in a personal and hands-on way. Our DIY guides are designed to make this process accessible, enjoyable, and inspiring for everyone, regardless of their crafting skills.

For Beginners

For those new to crafting or short on time, we offer simple yet beautiful designs that require minimal materials and steps. These projects are a great way to introduce children to the tradition of nativity scenes. They typically use everyday items like cardboard, fabric scraps, and natural materials, making them both affordable and environmentally friendly. Each step is clearly explained and illustrated, ensuring a successful and satisfying crafting experience.

For Intermediate Crafters

For those with a bit more experience or looking for a challenge, we have intermediate-level projects. These involve more detailed work and a wider range of materials, such as clay, wood, or felt. The results are more intricate and lifelike nativity scenes that you’ll be proud to display in your home.

For Advanced Crafters

For advanced crafters or those seeking a long-term project, we offer complex designs that involve techniques like carving, painting, or sewing. These projects require patience and precision but yield stunning, heirloom-quality nativity scenes.

Materials and Techniques

Our DIY guides not only provide step-by-step instructions but also cover essential crafting techniques and tips for choosing the right materials. Whether it’s advice on shaping figures from clay or tips on painting realistic facial features, we ensure you have all the knowledge you need to create a beautiful nativity scene.

To spark your creativity, we also feature an inspiration gallery showcasing DIY nativity scenes created by members of our community. Seeing how others have interpreted this tradition can give you new ideas and confidence to put your own spin on your nativity scene.

Through our DIY guides, we hope to empower you to take part in this beautiful tradition in a way that reflects your skills, interests, and personal style. Happy crafting!

Buying Guides

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned collector, our buying guides are designed to help you navigate the wide array of nativity scenes available in the market. We understand that choosing the right nativity scene can be an overwhelming task, given the variety of styles, materials, sizes, and prices. Our aim is to make this process easier and more enjoyable for you.

Range of Options

Our buying guides cover a diverse range of nativity scenes—from simple, rustic designs to intricate, artisan-crafted scenes. We also cater to different budgets, featuring affordable options for those just starting their collection, as well as premium pieces for those looking to invest in a high-quality, heirloom-worthy scene.

In-depth Reviews

Each product featured in our buying guides is accompanied by an in-depth review. We look at several factors including craftsmanship, material quality, aesthetic appeal, and durability. We also consider practical aspects like ease of assembly and storage. This comprehensive analysis helps you make an informed decision based on your preferences and needs.

We regularly update our buying guides to include new and trending products. Whether it’s a contemporary interpretation of the nativity scene or a limited-edition piece from a renowned artist, we keep you abreast of the latest offerings in the market.

Ethical Shopping

We understand the importance of ethical shopping and strive to feature products that are sustainably made and fairly traded. We provide information about the origins of the products and the practices of the manufacturers, helping you make choices that align with your values.

Comparison Charts

To aid your decision-making process, we provide comparison charts that allow you to easily compare different products based on key features like price, size, material, and customer ratings.

Personalized Recommendations

Understanding that each buyer has unique tastes and requirements, we also offer personalized recommendations. Based on your input, we can suggest nativity scenes that best match your preferences.

Our buying guides are more than just a list of products—they are a comprehensive resource designed to guide you through the buying process, ensuring you find a nativity scene that you will cherish for years to come.

Expert Tips

Nativity scenes are more than just decorative pieces—they’re a cherished tradition and, often, a significant investment. Our expert tips are designed to help you make the most of your nativity scenes, from displaying them beautifully to preserving them for years to come.

Displaying Your Nativity Scene

Creating an impressive display with your nativity scene is an art in itself. Our experts share creative ideas for arranging your scene, choosing the right location, and incorporating lighting to highlight its beauty. We also provide tips on how to create a sense of depth and realism, using simple techniques like layering and perspective.

Maintaining Your Nativity Scene

Proper maintenance can significantly extend the life of your nativity scene. Our experts guide you on how to clean your nativity figures without causing damage, using gentle cleaning agents and tools. They also provide tips on repairing minor damages like chips or scratches, helping you keep your nativity scene looking its best.

Preserving Your Nativity Scene

Preservation is key when it comes to heirloom-quality nativity scenes. Our experts advise on the best practices for storing your nativity scene to prevent wear and tear. This includes tips on climate control, wrapping materials, and positioning to ensure your nativity scene remains in pristine condition even when stored away.

Expanding Your Collection

For those interested in expanding their collection, our experts offer guidance on how to choose new pieces that complement your existing collection. They provide insights into different styles, historical periods, and artists, helping you curate a diverse and meaningful collection.

Community Tips

We also feature tips shared by members of our community. These real-life experiences and hacks can provide valuable insights and inspiration, adding a personal touch to our expert advice.

Our expert tips are an invaluable resource for anyone who owns or plans to own a nativity scene. By following these guidelines, you can enhance the display, longevity, and value of your nativity scene, making it a tradition that can be passed down through generations.

Nativity Scene Enthusiasts & Community Engagement

Community is at the heart of what we do. We believe that the tradition of nativity scenes is best celebrated as a shared experience, and our platform is designed to foster this sense of community. Our members come from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique perspectives, experiences, and love for nativity scenes.

We encourage active engagement through various forums and interactive features. Members can share their own nativity scenes, exchange tips and ideas, ask questions, and provide support to each other. We also host regular events such as webinars with historians and artists, DIY workshops, and virtual show-and-tell sessions where members can showcase their collections.

Our community is not just about learning—it’s also about connection and camaraderie. Many of our members have formed friendships through their shared interest in nativity scenes, adding a layer of personal enrichment to their hobby.

We’re incredibly proud of the positive, supportive, and vibrant community we’ve built. It’s a space where novices can learn, enthusiasts can explore, and experts can share their knowledge—all bound by a shared appreciation for nativity scenes. Whether you’re a beginner looking for guidance or a seasoned collector seeking deeper engagement, our community welcomes you.


What is a nativity scene?

A nativity scene is a depiction of the birth of Jesus as described in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. It typically includes figures such as Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, angels, the shepherds, the three wise men, and animals.

When and where did the tradition of nativity scenes start?

The tradition began in the 13th century with St. Francis of Assisi, who is said to have created the first live nativity scene in Italy. The practice quickly spread throughout Europe and eventually across the world, with each culture adding its unique touch.

How do I choose a nativity scene?

Choosing a nativity scene depends on your personal taste, budget, and space. Consider the style (traditional, modern, rustic), material (wood, ceramic, cloth), size, and level of detail. Our buying guides provide in-depth reviews and recommendations to help you find the perfect nativity scene for your needs.

Can I create my own nativity scene?

Absolutely! Creating your own nativity scene can be a rewarding experience. Our DIY guides offer easy-to-follow instructions for various skill levels, from simple projects for beginners to intricate designs for advanced crafters.

How do I take care of my nativity scene?

Proper maintenance can prolong the life of your nativity scene. This includes regular dusting, gentle cleaning, and careful storage. Our expert tips section provides detailed advice on preserving your nativity scene.

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Nativity Scene enthusiasts, together, let’s celebrate the spirit of the Nativity, one scene at a time!

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